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At The PTU we have a strong belief that we should pass on what we learn to as many people as possible. To that end we offer a range of courses to the public as well as health professionals.

Download information on our introduction Solution Focused Practice Download information about our Solution Focused Practice Courses The courses we currently offer are as follows:

The practical application of child development theories and therapeutic approaches for care staff working in homes for looked after children (3 days).
This course offers a wide range of learning opportunities from theory, practical application and the experience of the trainers for example the course includes:
  • Understanding the young people in our care
  • What makes them think, feel and behave as they do?
  • How does this help us think about origins and meanings of the behaviours we find challenging?
  • How can we reduce and/or cope with ‘challenging behaviour’ in the short to medium-term?
  • How can we help bring about positive long-term changes in the behaviour, emotional stability and well-being of these young people?
  • Understanding ourselves and our roles, What is the most helpful way to think about and carry out our own roles in these young people’s lives?
  • How can we best use our own skills, qualities and experiences to fulfil these roles in a way that is most helpful to the young people?
  • The course includes an exploration of several child development theories and how they can be applied, practical interventions and the creation of a bridge between theory and practice.
Understanding and resolving anxiety: a physiological and psychological model of how anxiety develops and practical advice how you can train yourself to short-circuit it (3 days)
This is a course for anyone who is suffering anxiety. It brings together information from a wide range of source and provides a synthesis of the theory related to anxiety and its beginnings, how it is maintained and then lots of practical work on how to manage it.

Creating a stress-free workplace? (1 day)
Managing stress in the workplace is a big issue and causes lots of problems and lost days at work. This course is designed for managers to help them identify, understand and manage stress in the workplace.

Basics of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (3 days)
A classic course for all health professionals who want to understand the principles of CBT, undertake basic interventions in CBT and develop their own practice in a psychologically therapeutic area.

How to run therapeutic groups for health professionals (2 days)
Running groups for any health related topic is an important area of expertise these days. This course is designed to help you think about how you can set up, run and choose candidates for therapeutic groups. The pitfalls and risks, how to triage to create an effective group and managing the group process.

An introduction to solution focused practice for health professionals (1 to 2 days)
SFT is becoming recognised as an effective form of therapeutic psychological intervention that has a significant place in the pantheon of psychological therapies. This course introduces anyone to the basic priniciples of solution focussed therapy, including its background and development.

All our courses are interactive, experientially based and come with a handbook and certificate of completion.

For more details please contact us by email or phone for an informal discussion.