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Our Evidence

A recent audit of the work done at the Psychological Therapies Unit over the last 3 years has highlighted how successful our programmes of intervention are. The research used standard well validated psychometric tools such as the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and the Impact of Event Scale to indicate the result of intervention at final sessions.

The audit shows that 74% of all clients on completion of intervention had levels of anxiety and depression the same as would be found in the general population. This overall figure of those people worked with was broken down into 66% for anxiety and 90% for depression returning to the same levels of both conditions as the general population by the end of the intervention.

The results for the Impact of Events Scale (used for trauma) indicated that 75% of clients who had suffered a traumatic event returned to normal levels of function at end of intervention. To achieve these outcomes an average of 8 hours face to face client time was required.

At the Psychological Therapies Unit we accept all referrals for any psychological difficulty with exception of psychosis. The data audited did not consider diagnosis, presentation or severity of client condition and did not exclude specific groups of clients.